About Care Community

As the population continues to age dramatically, more and more Canadians are transitioning into a new role – caring for elderly loved-ones. It is a complex and often overwhelming experience that is difficult for the majority of people to navigate.

All levels of government (federal, provincial, and municipal) and many charities and service organizations provide resources to help individuals care for an elderly loved-one. However, many caregivers simply do not know where to start and, once started, do not know what comes next.

Care Community aggregates these programs, services and information in one place to simplify the logistics of caregiving. It provides unaffiliated and unbiased information to help you make the best decisions for your unique situation. Our goal is to reduce caregiver stress, and to help you focus on what is most important – caring for your loved ones.

Care Community is the brainchild of Erica Bernstein.

Erica worked with Dr. Linda Duxbury as a Research Assistant to her 2012 National Study on “Balancing Work and Caregiving in Canada” and realized that there were no comprehensive, user-friendly, web-based tools to help locals find the services that they or their elderly loved ones need. Recognizing the demographics of the Canadian population, Erica saw an opportunity to help this vulnerable cohort of Canadians.

In her day job she works hard supporting public servants and securing worker rights. She has extensive experience in human resources, labour relations, and change management. Outside of work, you can find Erica running around the Gatineau Hills, enjoying live music, and cooking soup.

Care Community has two main goals:

1 – To provide timely and accurate information to caregivers on programs and services designed to help them and their elderly loved-ones.

2 – To bring the caregiving community together. Caregivers need support, and we want to help facilitate the sharing of experiences, enable caregivers to ask questions, and most importantly to learn from each other.

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Your donations will help to build this website. They will help to fund the research and development of the resources, and to build the functionality of the site. We are all on the internet all the time – Care Community knows how important it is to have a website that is clear, clean, and easy to use. Your money will help us do this for you.

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