So the story goes that Erica (who some of you may not know is expecting her first child any day now!) was waiting at the hospital for her 20 week ultrasound when she received a missed call. High from endorphins after seeing her sweet babe, and hearing that everything was looking well, she checked her messages. Low and behold the missed call was from a reporter for CBC Ottawa Morning!! Erica quickly called them back, and was in the studio the next morning bright an early to tape a segment on Care Community.

This was a pretty big deal and Erica was obviously nervous, and also a bit star struck! She listens to CBC every morning on her way to work, and so finally meeting Hallie Cotnam was pretty surreal. Hallie was so warm and kind, and made Erica feel as though it was just the two of them in the room and that there weren’t in fact thousands of people listening to her. And who knew Erica had such a voice for radio! She nailed it!

Erica was literally floating for the rest of the week – what an incredible opportunity to talk about Care Community and to share with Ottawa why this service is so important. To top it off, the response from the city was incredible. We received tons of messages and social media outreach, which served as even more motivation to keep up the hard work!

Click here to listen to the interview!